Rimrock Downtown Saturday Night Sermons


The Exodus


Created For A Purpose

Created For A Purpose


Misc Sermons


Abraham - God's Pursuit of Man


Community an essential piece of God's design.

Audience of One

God's Plan For The Abundant Life

Gravity of Grace

Gravity of Grace

The Gospel Of Mark

We will be walking through the book of Mark.

The Bible vs Our Culture

we will examine the contrasting norms and values of the Bible and our culture and analyze which ones produce more abundant living.

Evan Hays Special Message "No Matter What, God Is Good"

Evan's testimony on how God displayed His faithfulness, goodness, and power beyond his rock climbing accident.

Why The Bible?

an analytical and intelligent look at the proofs of why the Bible contains absolute truth.

Spoken Word Videos

This is a collection of spoken word videos. We hope you enjoy them.