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Native American Ministry


Native American Ministry Purpose: To follow the Lord as we come alongside evangelical Native American ministries to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and encourage their missionaries.

 Goals for our Ministry:            

 1. Praying for the Ministries and Missionaries

 2. Encouraging Missionaries on the Field

 3. Informing Rimrockers of Ministry Opportunities

 4. Going to serve with the Missionaries


Current Mission Points: On Pine Ridge Reservation

  • Lakota Hope Ministry – Bruce and Marsha Bonfleur serve in White Clay, NE; They operate Tipi Gardens and Lakota Crafters with a desire to re-present Christianity and Jesus Christ as The Way, The Truth and The Life to the Lakota people.
  • Hands of Faith Ministry (HOF) – Curt and Bonnie Hoyt; HOF helps disciple and train men in trades; to help them become more responsible husbands, dads, and leaders within the community.
  • Ted Standing Soldier - serves with the SD FCA, He grew up in Kyle, SD and is currently coaching at Red Cloud High School. He is devoted to sharing Christ to the youth living on reservations and feels sports provides the perfect platform to do so. Ted and his wife, Meghan, live in Pine Ridge with their four boys, Gus, Devyn, Timo, and Noah.


In 2005 Mike Hays initiated a trip to Pine Ridge for our church to learn about and explore ministry opportunities there. Two van loads of people participated by visiting various ministries currently operating in the Pine Ridge area. Many from that initial group felt compelled to respond to the needs we had observed and formed a team to participate and respond to those needs. That team has become part of Rimrock's World Missions effort.

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The primary need we determined was to provide support and encouragement to the organizations and people already working there because they already have on-going personal relationships with the people.

Secondarily, we could provide hands-on services to the people and in the process learn more about the people and their culture. It has been the team's desire to learn about the unique needs of Native Americans in Rapid City and Pine Ridge and to communicate those needs to the larger church body.

This outreach has provided opportunities for the church to be involved in cross-cultural missions and to have hands-on experience without the high costs of foreign travel.

Rimrock has provided financial support to two ministries. In addition, our mission teams have provided and cut firewood, provided scholarships for students in the HFM carpentry and electrical training programs of Hands of Faith Ministries, and our youth have provided outreach to children and members of the church have become board members on the two ministries with which we are involved.

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