Opportunity Snapshot: 


Rimrock's Purpose: Our desire is to be a training center in the Black Hills
where we grow and experience the full gospel of Christ;
grace for salvation and grace for living.



  • Loves the Word of God (Person/Truth): The Word of God is demonstrated in his walk & daily life; gifted & skilled in sharing God's Word.
  • Embodies Grace: has experienced/ displays grace in a life changing way & loves to share it with others.
  • Is a Servant Leader: demonstrates humility, allows others to pour into him and actively seeking discipleship, mentorship & accountability.
  • Empowers Disciples: fosters a culture of disciples begetting disciples. Encourages others to use their gifts/ talents in the ministry & daily life.
  • Embraces the Team Concept: welcomes the opportunity of joining and leading a dynamic team. Passion to become a discipler of disciplers.


Rimrock is seeking it's next Senior Pastor. This is an opportunity to join and lead a great staff and congregation that is impacting the Black Hills Community with God's Grace message.


God has blessed Rimrock during her 37 year history. What He began through a hand full of committed, faithful believers, He has blossomed us into a 585 family multi-faceted congregation. Our history has been marked by a season of focused evangelism (building the church through a conversion to faith) followed by a season of focused teaching/discipling (building the church through the strengthening of the disciples). As a result, our church has grown and matured into a healthy body that is ready to flourish into this next season.

Our leadership is confident that God is continuing His mission of our being one of His "Training Center in the Black Hills" with a focus of being a missional church within our community. This missional focus is demonstrated by a reproducing community of authentic disciples who are equipped as missionaries sent by God, to live and proclaim His message of Grace and Truth in their world. Needless to say, we are excited to have a new player/coach to lead us through this next season. (Click here for staff/demographic information)


Our main campus is a 30,000 sq. ft. facility located on 5 acres in the heart of the beautiful Black Hills; complete with recreational meadow/Rapid Creek. It includes a 500 seat auditorium; 7,000 sq ft Kid’s Area and nursery; youth facilities; adult classrooms; fellowship hall with coffee shop; and office complex.

       Since our 1980 church plant, we have undergone 3 expansions, growing as our congregation has grown. Within the last 5 years, we have remodeled our Fellowship Hall, Welcome Center, Youth Areas, Nursery and are currently remodeling our kids area. As a result we have exceptional areas for ministry.

       In 2013 we remodeled a 3,500 sq ft downtown storefront to act as a “bridge for His grace & truth”. The Exchange is a place to take His message into the heart of Rapid City. The facility is great for many small to mid-sized groups. We are very excited to bring the Gospel Message through the Exchange into downtown Rapid City.

       It is our desire to offer relevant, quality ministry in multi-use facilities to accommodate the unchanging Message which the Lord lays on the hearts of our leadership. We want to provide an inviting environment for our visitors and functional ministry location for discipling all ages in the body of Christ.

A Word Picture of Rimrock created by our Search Team as they seek the next man to lead our church family in to the next season of ministry.


"The WORD of GOD cascades into a POOL of GRACE saturating a Team of Leadership who propagates the messages to DISCIPLES as the EXCHANGED LIFE washes thru the COMMUNITY."

Listen below to an announcement given by Donovan Broberg, a member of the Pastoral Search Team.





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After reading through the information, if you sense the Lord's leading, contact
Dave Westergaard at davew@teamridco.com